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'SWEAR   2r  THE   HORN'

)UR greatest joy as youngsters was to see the
first touches of spring after the long, cold
winter had lost its grip on the country. The
Northern Lights would start to dart across the
sky, and the wild geese would honk far above the
tops of our teepees at night on their journey into
the Arctic. We knew that it would not be long
before we would be striking camp and starting
out on our endless wandering over the sunlit
prairies of the North-West.

We would soon be at our summer games, run-
ning about naked, with nothing on but a breech-
cloth and moccasins. Our hearts leaped at the
thought of some of the adventures we would meet
with. We would perhaps have a fight with the
Crows or the Sioux or the Crees. We young
fellows would come upon youngsters of other rov-
ing Indian tribes, and we would pit our strength
and skill against theirs in the many games and
contests which we enjoyed during the long, lazy